Program B2B Incubation

Program B2B Incubation is a program, that lasts up to 1 year and it was created for people with interesting business ideas and outstanding motivation. Program offers a place in xPORT community of startups, which usually face to similar challenges or problems and it adds detailed weekly consultations.

About B2B Incubation program

Every week, there is someone, who can give you an advice, helps your startup grow or provides you contacts on different investors. Another time, they may just calm you down or help you with an accoutancy problem.

Benefits of xPORT

B2B Incubation is a program that helps new startups while starting their business. It helps to bring prosperity as soon as possible and supports their constant growth. xPORT offers various range of advantages and services that everyone here can benefit from.

We asked some of the startup teams why they joined the B2B Incubation. The main reasons were:

  • startup community which will help you to understand that you are not the only one with problems and will make sure you solve them
  • inspirational environment where your creativity and productivity will boost
  • marketing and PR support, xPORT will make sure your startup gets proper promotion
  • workshops on different topics with professionals
  • networking with inspiring people
  • mentoring program, you can consult your problems and ideas with more experienced mentors

Need more information?

If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact Jakub Stránský, our program manager.


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