Do you want to get VC investors on your side?

We have experience with this and we will be happy to help you. What does cooperation look like?

Fill out this questionnaire first. We will consider whether we can help you and we will get back to you within a week. If we feel we can help, we have three hours of online consultation ahead of us: 

  1. Contract. Usual, unusual and toxic terms in the contract.
    You will receive 5 specific clauses from investment contracts, which you will probably see in your term sheet.
  2. Validation. How to create evidence that will convince investors.
    You will hear specific implemented procedures that quickly and for little money helped convince hesitant investors.
  3. Pitch deck. How to present your intention.
    You will see a real pitchdeck and financial plan that convinced investors to enter the company at an early stage.

Price: 3 600 Kč

Our mentor Jakub Stránský, who founded Techambition, will guide you through the entire course. He made the company through two investment rounds, almost went bankrupt and eventually led to a growth of 500% in the last four years.

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